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Thursday, March 19, 2009

We're Off and Soaring

Welcome to the Lifeplan Institute network. Our goal is to help 10 million teens in 10 years navigate the path of life, avoid its common pitfalls, and become successful, thriving adults.

Lifeplan Institute is based on a book I wrote. The book morphed into an incredible training program that delivers the same caliber of learning employees receive in Fortune 500 companies. The learning is evolving into an online virtual community - the Lifeplan metaVerse™ (more about that in the near future). Lifeplan Institute is taking off like a rocket.

To say Lifeplan is thrilling is an understatement. I’ve been at the forefront of our country’s youth development effort for more than 30 years, and I’ve never seen such a heart-throbbing mentoring opportunity for kids 11-19 years old.

And now – Lifeplan Institute invites you and your network to bring your collective will, spirit, efforts, and talents to this undertaking. Here’s where to begin:

1. Get Inspired
Lifeplan gives kids a way to create their own positive plan for life and then - in a virtual community populated by mentors, parents, teachers, professionals, innovators, and best friends – put it into action. Click to get inspired:

2. Get Trained
Fifty expert trainers gathered March 5-6, 2009 to become the first wave of Lifeplan Trainers, ready to bring Lifeplan to local programs and communities. They will train facilitators who will in turn help young people develop their own Lifeplan.

3. Get On Board
There are many opportunities for your corporation, association, institution, mentoring organization, family – to get involved. Want your employees and their family members to have access to Lifeplan? Call and we can help.

4. Talk It Up – Talk To Us
Lifeplan is simply this: a way to help kids avoid the pitfalls that occur along the road from middle school through high school and college. If you care as we do, share this email with your network. Tell your friends. Reply and share your positive mentoring stories with me.

If you truly believe in young people, help them strive to thrive with Lifeplan.

Dr. Andrew Mecca
Chief Inspiration Officer and Co-Founder
Lifeplan Institute

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