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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pick Your Own Dream Team

The Home Court athletic facility is THE place to be for a group of inspired kids who are gearing up for a Lifeplan full court press in the Northwest. Lifeplan Ninja and Home Court co-founder Rob Jackson has used Lifeplan to create a buzz among kids and families looking for life skills that help kids thrive on and off the court. Here's why the excitement is growing. - All the best, Andy

"All I can say is: I wish I'd had my own personal Board of Directors when I was a kid!

"Our Home Court basketball programs help kids improve whatever talents they have; grow into coaches, mentors, and leaders; develop skills for life that will help them off the court as they get older. Now Lifeplan has added a whole new dimension to what we're able to offer our kids, their families, and our community.

"At Home Court, we've always said it's not just the 'what' of any particular program - it's 'how' you experience it that really makes the difference.

"So now we have Lifeplan which starts with a pretty inspiring 'what' of life concepts and wraps them in a truly astounding 'how' that enables kids to create and expand their own personal path of life. This is a very, very well-directed self-discovery. It's a totally new way for kids to reach out and get information, try out their ideas, share, learn, try, fail, thrive. It truly is the 'how' of the Lifeplan experience that makes such a difference.

"For me, the coolest thing of all is kids' ability to create a group of advisors and others who really care. When kids begin the Lifeplan experience, they identify their strengths, their values, and the obstacles that can get in their way. They look ahead toward their dreams and goals. But they don't need to venture out there alone-the next step is to identify a personal Board of Directors.

"With Lifeplan, kids get to pick their own dream team.

"What an incredible networking opportunity! I say to kids, 'you think you don't know anybody? Well, tell me one person you know, admire, and trust. That person knows somebody. And so on and so on. This is networking.'

"Can you imagine realizing the power of networking at a young age? The expression, 'You're only one person away from the person you want to meet' sums up the way Lifeplan will open doors for kids.

"And it all happens in a safe environment. One person on each young person's Board of Directors is his or her mentor. That person holds the young person's aspirations in a non-judgmental way-and makes sure everybody else on the dream team Board does the same.

"To me, this non-judgmental aspect of Lifeplan is a bit like... the support of grandparents. The ideal grandparent wants us to achieve our goals and dreams, supports us unconditionally, lets us do our thing, and is there when and if we need them. They don't judge; they support.

"Imagine an entire Board of Directors full of people like that. What a great team to have in place when kids move into the metaVerse™ Lifeplan virtual society. There, they'll connect with more resources that will help them build particular skills, advance their ideas, broaden their Boards of Directors. And on and on.

"We created a dedicated Lifeplan facility here at Home Court because we want to be trailblazers in the Lifeplan effort. Is it any wonder my vision is to create 200 master mentors at Home Court - kids who have been through Lifeplan and want to share and mentor the process with others? That's MY 'dream team' and it's getting closer every day."


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