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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What's At the Core

We want each young person's Lifeplan to be personal, meaningful, a thing of great pride, embracing, effective, thrillingly powerful, and successful!

That's why the process of creating a personal plan for life - the true core of the effort - includes considering life's values, success factors, and secrets.

Together, these factors form the personal compass that each young person uses to make decisions as he or she navigates down life's path.

Values? When a Lifeplan trainer/facilitator, mentor, parent, teacher and/or coach partners with young people, they work through a wonderful process together: discussing a group of values. My personal experience confirms what a thrilling and enlightening experience this is for young people.

The values include things like ambition, strength, tolerance, trust, family, environment, creativity, vision, respect, responsibility, and perseverance. Whew! Also: sharing, service, loyalty, self-esteem, optimism, love, integrity, friendship, hard work, gratitude, hope, honesty, diversity, courage, and cooperation. Plus many, many more. Young people prioritize these values and create their own unique set. They use the set as a personal compass that guides their Lifeplan and helps them make decisions as they move along life's path.

Success factors? These are the elements of success that are key to building a truly effective plan for a young person's life. They include Character Development and Ethics, Community Service, Study Skills, Drug and Alcohol Issues, Nutrition, Health Promotion, Career Planning and Entrepreneurship, and Financial Literacy. But that's just a beginning. More of these success factors surface as each young person uses the Lifeplan web university to study, network with peers - even name a personal Board of Directors to support their plan.

Secrets? I always remind people of the life secrets my wife has shared with her students throughout her 45-year career as an educator: be thoughtful, be honest, care about others, be connected to family and community, save a little each month, be generous with your positive spirit, make a difference. And so very importantly, learn from the speed bumps because how you respond to those will define your life.

Sound like sage advice from your own forebears? Wise guidance like this has helped generations move successfully down life's path. And that's exactly why you'll find its echoes at the core of Lifeplan.

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