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Friday, November 20, 2009

Secrets Meant to be Shared

You've heard me say that the process of creating a personal plan for life includes considering some important secrets -- the kind meant to be shared.

Shared? When the essence of secrets is that they are not to be told?

Well, there are some life secrets that could benefit all of us, especially young people, so why not cast them broad and wide? In fact, generations of children at my wife Kate's school learned these secrets early on. I have seen firsthand how well this wisdom has served them, which is one reason why the secrets are at the core of the Lifeplan process. And while they may appear simple, I believe in these secrets and relish every time I hear my wife share them with her young students. They are:
  • Be thoughtful 
  • Be honest 
  • Care about others 
  • Be connected to family 
  • Save a little each month 
  • Be generous with your positive spirit 
  • Make a difference -- and believe you can make a difference 
  • Learn from the speed bumps
And Kate always adds: "When the world would have you act cool, BE WARM!"

When I wrote the Lifeplan book, I frequently felt like Merlin. As you recall, Merlin lived backwards and was thus capable of guiding young Arthur through the travails we all face. So it is in life for every young person: stuff happens. However it's not the challenges themselves, but how we respond to challenges that defines us and lays the path for our lives.

No wonder I felt like Merlin; the secrets I've described are a similar kind of guide. They're a look backwards from the more seasoned of us, a gift of experience and wisdom that can help young people move forward and successfully navigate their increasingly complex world.

The self-discovery learning experiences of the Lifeplan process give young people insight into these secrets and help them turn these ideas into life assets. I will explore this more in my next Musing.

All the best,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Andy, I can sooooo relate to what you wrote! Also, I'd like to say that some older person can experience the very same thing: stuff happens and they could benefit from this work!!! I love the Secrets you revealed and I work to share them in my daily work and family interactions. Recently, I became certified as a Table Facilitator for LifePlan Institute "Learning Map". In early 2010, I'm scheduled to facilitate 100+ youth through this magnificent journey. Thank you for your dedication and hard work over the decades to make LifePlan possible!!!
God Bless, Carolyn Wilson LaChaux

December 9, 2009 at 9:42 AM  

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