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Thursday, February 11, 2010

An Extraordinary Gift of Inspiration

By now, I'm confident you've all seen the unforgettable TV spots produced by The Foundation For A Better Life. This work was inspired by Phil Anschutz of Denver, Colorado.

Mr. Anschutz did this for all the right reasons. He wasn't looking for personal recognition. He just wanted to inspire all of us to live our best values and "pay it forward." He modeled his own values of caring and generosity by funding this exceptional foundation and its powerful messages of inspiration.

These spots are the best media offerings I have ever seen to kindle the best of our nature. How resonant they are to everything we wish to instill in our kids-those we mentor and coach, and all the young people we are helping grow a Lifeplan.

One of our Lifeplan exercises asks kids to identify their top three values and then use them throughout the other learning modules as criteria for making choices and decisions. I use the Foundation's TV spots to reinforce this learning and the sheer majesty of living your values. The kids have been terrifically moved by the spots, just as I have been moved by Mr. Anschutz's extraordinary gift that helps us all strive to live by our values.

Wednesday is my favorite day of the week because it's the day I teach the Lifeplan course at my wife's school. As I navigate this journey together with the kids, I am in awe of the authentic growth of their awareness about living in the moment, realizing the frequency of choices they face, and using their values when making decisions. I invite the kids to keep a journal for a week and log one experience each day that reflects one of their top values. When kids share a week's worth of these journal entries, it's wonderful to hear their pride in what they've done. More importantly, I ask what they've learned. The universal response is that they learn they have choices in what they do, and that decisions affect them and others-right away and perhaps long-term-and thus have consequences. "We need to be aware and not just wing it," said one. And that says it all.

I want to offer a huge acknowledgement to The Foundation for a Better Life and their work that is supporting all the positive youth development efforts across our country. Visit their website at and click on the TV spots. They are indeed a treasure to share.

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