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Friday, March 12, 2010


The journey of building the Lifeplan program has been, and continues to be, extraordinary. Over the past decade there has been much help, for which I'm very grateful.

William Price and Evelyn Freed generously underwriting our work. Jim Kooler, John Hoskins, Doug Pratt, and Tim Rose providing the unceasing insights, expertise, and energy that is guiding the informed growth of this project. The constant surprise of people walking through the door and saying, "I would like to help!"

Our tribe of Ninjas has been one of the most recent additions, committed to making Lifeplan a reality for every teenager in America. Led by a few Master Ninjas like Rob Jackson, Cindy Domanowski, Tenora Grigsby, Glenn Jackson, Janis Keely, Marlena Ascher, Leslie Krehnbrink, Cindy Carlton, Christina Gartelos, and Barry Mitsch, this extraordinary group of 30 Ninjas is deployed nationwide. They are making the Lifeplan training accessible to every school and every youth development program in America.

There is also a "backroom team" that makes all this work possible. It includes Debbie Whitted, Julie Wolpers, Laura Daly, Paula Doubleday, and others who I owe a huge thank you and hugs of appreciation for making sure the daily details are done perfectly.

I'm not sure all the strategic plans, budgets, and good intentions can ever guarantee success. But I do know now that the Lifeplan program works! And works really well.

For four decades, I've watched the government and experts build programs that talk to kids, give them slogans, and preach at them. I now see that nothing short of being involved with our kids --helping them explore their choices, decisions and consequences-- will give them the true opportunity of having a living, breathing Lifeplan.
I'm grateful for that awareness. And I'm grateful for the people who are helping to build Lifeplan, the kids who inspire us every day, and the terrific outcomes that those same young people are going to achieve throughout their lives.

All the best,


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