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Monday, October 25, 2010

A Lifeplan Community Success Story

Last month I shared details about the Lifeplan business model, which has been designed for maximum leverage, sustainability, and scalability. Now here's a look at those concepts in action - and one community that has taken Lifeplan and run with it!

Building an active, motivated community is vital for establishing and maintaining any organization.

Currently, the Lifeplan program has been implemented in nine states. The most recent is the Hawaii Lifeplan Initiative. This experience illustrates the leverage, sustainable and scalable nature of the Lifeplan program.

The Lifeplan Institute invested in time with the Hawaii group who wanted to implement the program.

We underwrote a major two-day training for all local school personnel, after-school counselors, local church leaders, and sports program coaches. We also provided all the necessary materials to launch this program for 300 young people.

Now here's the leverage, sustainable, and scalable story: The Hawaii Lifeplan Initiative now has its own local leadership group, headed by a local foundation director. In one month, they raised all the necessary funds to fully implement the program. In addition, they're confident they will train enough existing staff at schools and other youth programs over the next year to have Lifeplan in every school - and reach an estimated 3,000 young people over the next few years.

Just think about that. If Lifeplan reached only 600 young people from this particular training, it would be achieved at a $30 per child cost. But it gets better. The teachers, counselors and coaches will have this skill for every child they work with year-in and year-out. That's leverage, sustainable and scalable!

So, for a $20,000 venture capital investment, we now have a locally owned and growing initiative that is thriving and documenting the benefits the young people will experience from this program.

The Hawaii Initiative is a great example of the reasons we designed Lifeplan to be self-sustaining with the capacity to expand and evolve while maintaining a low overhead. It makes me proud to see communities like the Hawaii group take ownership of this exciting youth asset and immediately begin to grow it to reach even more kids. But I'm guessing I'm not half as proud as local leaders who are embracing these initiatives, or the kids who are already beginning to thrive as they design their personal Lifeplans. Where will the next success story come from? Stay tuned.

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