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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Letting Go and Letting Life

Some recent conversations stimulated the idea for this musing. These conversations all had the angst of carrying some luggage from the past that seemed to be weighing heavily on the individuals.

There was nothing they could do about this, so I suggested, “Just let go.” I then proceeded to share a story my friend and mentor, Master Vin, shared with me in 1970.

I was administering a hospital in Vietnam and Master Vin was running the orphanage next door where I volunteered some time. One day, I was upset about something that happened early that morning. After my repeated diatribes throughout the day, Master Vin shared a story with me.

It began with two Buddhist Monks who were on a long journey home. Early in their trip, they came upon a rushing river where they saw a pregnant woman unable to proceed. Without hesitation, one of the monks picked her up, carried her across, and set her down on the other side. Then the two monks proceeded on their long journey home.

Finally, late that day, they arrived at their village. The other monk, obviously very upset, said, “How could you touch that woman? That’s against the tenets of our faith!” The monk who had carried her across the river replied, “I carried her for but a moment. You have carried her all day.”

So it is with so much in our lives. And now, as we prepare to pass from Winter into the Spring of a fresh new year, I suggest we all take an inventory of those things we are carrying that load us down. Then let’s determine to “let go and let life” so that a lighter and much brighter year can emerge for us all.

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