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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

That Special Someone

This is the third Thanksgiving I have had the opportunity to share a musing with you. It is certainly a time of year when each of us can take a moment to give thanks for all that we have, including the challenges we all face during this tumultuous time in the world.

In the Lifeplan program, one of the most potent aspects that young people love is building their own “board of directors.” A personal board nurtures the Lifeplan process and helps a young person navigate these challenging times. A personal board provides wisdom and support to help someone reach their dreams.

It is wonderful to see that those who are invited to be on a young person’s board of directors always feel honored and touched by the invitation — much like a mentor who always feels he or she has gotten more out of the relationship than the young person.

When I speak around the country, I always invite people to take a moment to think about those people in their lives who made them feel they could achieve their dreams. They may not have been made into a formal “board” back then, but you know who they were. A parent, grandparent, teacher, coach, minister, aunt or uncle - someone who took the time and held aspirations for you.

So, think for a moment about that person in your life who made you feel special and who knew you COULD achieve your dreams. Who was that special someone? Now, when was the last time you called or sent them a note to say “thank you” and let them know what they meant to you?

At this season of giving thanks, I invite you to take a moment and send a note or make a call to that special someone. This might also be a good time to recognize those around you for whom you can play the same special role. After all, the greatest gift we can give the young people we care about is our time – and perhaps even a Lifeplan.

Happy Thanksgiving and remember my grandfather’s favorite maxim to live by: “The loudest statement any of us can make about the world we dream of is what we do in our own lives.” I believe you can ALL be the change you dream about!

All the best,


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