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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lifeplan Goes to College! Part 2 of 2

Lee Kooler is a superstar Ninja Lifeplan trainer! A career college educator, she has brought Lifeplan to her college students and shares the following with us on how thrilled she and her students are to have the Lifeplan experience. Lee with her husband, Jim, have also been instrumental in helping grow Lifeplan in Hawaii. So now, with Lee's pioneering work, Lifeplan goes to College! - Andy

I teach psychology to freshmen and sophomores at a community college. Having participated in Lifeplan as a ninja/navigator and ninja trainer I am always seeking young people to join me on this fascinating journey of choices, decisions and consequences.

Visit the Modesto Junior College Lifeplan Group Website

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Therefore, I integrated Lifeplan into my course in Personal Psychology this spring semester. I have found, with the help of the students from the college Lifeplan group as facilitators, that I can successfully accomplish taking this group of 35 students on the Lifeplan journey.

It has been a joy to see the students become Lifeplan mentors! It has also been thoroughly heartwarming to read student entries describing how lost they felt prior to Lifeplan and how secure they are feeling with the development of their goals and dreams.

For example, one student wrote, "I was feeling aimless when I randomly chose this course. I can't believe how fortunate I am to have landed on the Lifeplan journey! Through discovery of my values, strengths, and dreams I now know my major and profession! This is amazing to me and really reassuring to my parents!"

We came to consensus with the entire class on values and they were love, family and trust. It is interesting to hear about their relationship experiences so far and understand why trust is so paramount to this age group. I look forward to our semester end picnic in the park where these students will present their Lifeplans to the class, family and potential mentors!

Professor Lee Kooler


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