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Monday, March 5, 2012

National Football Foundation Becomes an Official Partner of the Lifeplan Program

It is with much joy that I can share some exciting news! The National Football Foundation is now an official partner of the Lifeplan program.

Steve Hatchell, President and CEO of NFF, and I have worked together over the years on behalf of student athletes and look forward to our cooperative efforts to make Lifeplan available to every student athlete in the country.

The National Football Foundation has a long history of commitment to student athletes. Most people recognize their responsibility for the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) that produces the National College Football Champion every year. In addition, they manage the College Football Hall of Fame, contribute millions of dollars to scholar athletes and are dedicated to helping grow healthy student athletes across the country.

The Board of NFF is an august group of leaders with Archie Manning serving as Chair. This group of dedicated leaders/volunteers has grown the membership of NFF to over 12,000 members who share the commitment to supporting NFF's worthy causes.

One of the exciting assets that NFF brings to the Lifeplan work will be their recognition each year, of a significant contributor to the Lifeplan work. NFF knows how to "celebrate and recognize" dedicated individuals very well. We are honored that they see the value of Lifeplan and are joining in this work.

On behalf of all of us working with Lifeplan, we welcome the National Football Foundation as the newest partner in helping grow the Lifeplan opportunity for every young person in America!

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