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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hope Springs Eternal

Thoreau said that the Decay of Winter is the mulch for Spring. He used this annual occurrence in nature to reflect on the human condition. So as we reflect on the extended winter of financial challenges throughout the world and, in particular, right here at home. As we live with the challenging unemployment numbers, natural catastrophes here and around the world, and all the chilling challenges for our human condition, let's always remember that Spring will come!

Thoreau used this metaphor of Spring always coming to underscore his core belief that Optimism is the only philosophy that justifies getting up in the morning (and I always add, to play golf).

In my recent Lifeplan class, we were doing the AIM (Acknowledge, Identify, Morph) exercise that helps young people understand that we always have this conversation going on in our head and to Acknowledge it is there, Identify if it's positive or negative, and take responsibility that we can Morph the negative into positive.

I firmly believe that our attitudes are self-fulfilling. If you believe your attitude will guide your life's outcomes, then it is a clarion to keep it as positive as you can. I also believe that a positive attitude is like a muscle and the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets.

Seeing Lifeplan grow the past few years, and the response young people in very challenging environments have to building their Lifeplans, encourages me more than ever that the Lifeplan program offers a potent tool to grow young people's optimism for their future and guide their efforts with a solid asset, Their Lifeplan.

Lifeplan offers a young person the opportunity to explore and share their dreams. It helps them build a game plan to achieve their dreams and navigate the challenging times in which we live. Lifeplan offers a Spring of Hope and the more we grow this opportunity for every young person, the more optimistic we can all be!

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