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Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Loving Gift and Standing “O” for Kate and Paying It Forward

The following are the comments Lena Nelson made on behalf of her 2012 graduating class at Mount Tamalpais School.

MTS is the place it is because of the love, dedication, and work of Kate Mecca. Founder, director, kindergarten teacher, Latin teacher and visionary, she teaches all of us to believe in ourselves and gives us the opportunity to succeed.

This year Kate brought Lifeplan to the Class of 2012. The Lifeplan curriculum has enriched all of our lives and made us people who are centered and have a clear understanding of our values, goals, dreams, and how to get there. Andy Mecca guided us this year towards identifying our ultimate dream, but it is because of Kate that we have had the opportunity to participate in Lifeplan.

Just as how we are all committed to our Lifeplans, we are also committed to giving children everywhere the chance to benefit from Lifeplan. To meet this goal, the Class of 2012 has established the Kate Mecca Scholarship Fund with the Lifeplan Institute and the California Mentor Foundation. This fund will make Lifeplan available to young people who might not otherwise have this incredible opportunity.

The Lifeplan experience is everlasting. Just as we all penciled in our own dreams, now kids with fewer opportunities can do the same. Like we did, they will be able to AIM wherever they wish, lead SMART lives, and Believe in themselves. The ability to believe in oneself is something to be admired, and something Kate and Andy have been helping children with forever.

To quote our mentor Andy: “In a very modest, yet mysteriously potent way, Lifeplan represents a vital asset in acknowledging the uniqueness and special qualities of each and every young person. By inviting young people to express their dreams and helping them build a game plan to realize these dreams, it is much like giving them a “standing O”. It is saying to them, you count, your dream is really important, and we are going to help you succeed! I love finding an authentic opportunity to give every young person an earned “standing ovation”. I have seen what it means to them and, frankly, every human being that has had a “standing O” seems at first surprised, but ultimately appreciative and even slightly humbled.”

So with love and appreciation please join us in giving Kate a well deserved Standing O!


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