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Monday, July 2, 2012

Celebrating Independence!

Summer is in full swing and we approach that rich moment when we celebrate our Independence on July 4th. So it is with some symmetry that the young people going through the Lifeplan program in Hawaii will hold their 3rd Annual Youth Summit at the Four Seasons Hotel at Hualalai in Kona, Hawaii on July 6!

This summit is hosted by the Four Seasons and Hualalai Resort and is organized by the Lifeplan Institute-Hawaii and the Ohana Foundation. Staff of the hotel and resort have become mentors to the young people in the Lifeplan program. They have made a commitment to helping these youths recognize their dreams and aspirations, and building personal plans to achieve them.

This summit is a clarion call to the spirit of Lifeplan. The young people help plan it, the mentors are there to support the work, and the Lifeplan leadership group makes all the moving parts work synergistically!
I marvel at the fact that this will be the third Lifeplan Summit in Hawaii. Hundreds of young people are benefiting from this program. The Annual Summit is a time for them to celebrate the hard work they have invested in building their Lifeplans.

The Summit also affords an opportunity for the leaders from the Four Seasons/Hualalai Resort who have become mentors to support the young people in further exploring their dreams and career aspirations. It is wonderful to observe how thrilled these mentors are to be sharing their time and support with these young people.

The work by these young people in Lifeplan reminds me of Norman Vincent Peale’s notion that, “They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” This work invites young people to build a Lifeplan. The invitation is electrifying and has these youths focused and energized like never before.

Congratulations to the Lifeplan Institute of Hawaii and the extraordinary work they have done on behalf of hundreds of young people to help them build a Lifeplan — and begin to realize their dreams. Happy Fourth of July!

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