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Monday, August 27, 2012

Lifeplan Hawaii 2012 Youth Summit

This summer, the Lifeplan Institute of Hawaii hosted its third annual Youth Summit. The Four Seasons Hotel, Hualalai Resorts, and Ohana Foundation supported these Lifeplan Kids with love and resources.

The Youth Summits allow young people going through the Lifeplan program to have more in-depth discussions about Lifeplan strategies. This year, the focus was on helping the young people roleplay the best approaches for recruiting a board of directors to help them achieve their dreams.

After a full morning of work, the young people enjoyed the hospitality of the Four Seasons Hotel and Hualalai Resort on the water and swimming with the dolphins. Then it was back to work in the late afternoon, connecting with extraordinary leaders from various professions who shared what it took for them to succeed. This inspiring approach supported the young people's efforts to articulate their dreams, develop short and long-term goals, grow a positive attitude, and build a board of directors to help them navigate the speed bumps in life. The successful leaders' experience underscored a key Lifeplan message: "Stuff" happens, but it's how we respond that will define our lives and enable us to thrive!

Hawaii's Youth Summits and other important and insightful Lifeplan programs continue to inform our work and highlight the enormous benefits young people gain from building their own Lifeplans. We are all committed to growing this opportunity for every young person!

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