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Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Greatest Gift

It never ceases to amaze me when each year the young people going through the Lifeplan program invariably select the AIM module as their favorite. So this past year I took the time with some of the Lifeplan kids in Hawaii, Marin , San Francisco , Ohio and Arizona to get a better understanding of why they are so positive about this particular piece of the program.

As you recall from previous Musings, AIM is the module that explores “self-talk.” The A stands for acknowledge, I is Indentify and M is for Morph. The kids go through a process that invites them to discuss with their class mates their inner voice. They exchange thoughts on their realization that everyone seems to have this chatter going on. They then learn to identify if it is positive or negative and it’s here that they become aware that they experience a lot of the inner talk as negative. But then the real wake up in this process is in recognizing their power and authority to morph the inner talk to positive.

This may appear a simple concept, but it is striking how most of these young people feel so much better to discover that they are not the only ones with this “chatter.” And then, to learn a “secret for life,” that they own this chatter and can morph it to “positive/affirming self-talk.” I see this as one of the most important assets we can convey to young people. To see them recognize this exercise as their favorite for the past three years suggests that they know a lot more than they always get credit for.

Wisdom throughout time has taught us that we will be what we think of ourselves. So, our self image is a self fulfilling prophecy. This underscores how important it is for us to help young people discover the power of positive thinking. The AIM module is a great step in that discovery process.

So in this special season of giving and celebrating, in this symbolic season of light, let’s remember to give our young people the greatest gift of all, our time and our encouragement to build a positive attitude!

Happy Holidays,


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