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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

The New Year always brings us that sense of hope, renewal and excitement for what the New Year holds for us.

We make all our New Year’s resolutions that serve as the perennial affirmations to our best selves. We hope the best for ourselves, our loved ones, our nation and the world.
In the challenging times within which we are living, it is important to remember to “add our light to the sum of light” and remain committed to leaving this sacred place better than we found it.

In the Lifeplan program, we have a wonderful exercise where the young people spend time going through a stack of value cards (there are blank ones for someone that comes up with one that is not already there).

The outcome of this module is to have the kids choose their top five values. This is a potent exercise for the participants because now they have given public acknowledgement to what they stand for and live by.

The New Year offers all of us that moment in time to remember what our top values are and to remind ourselves to live by them. We all have a myriad of choices in our day to day lives, and to use our values as criteria in making decisions will guide a thoughtful life. That is the intent of Lifeplan and we have seen the benefit young people have gained in their journey of choices, decisions and consequences.

My grandfather always loved to share his view of the New Year, “It’s a time to forget the cares of the past, enjoy and nurture the moment and thus be prepared for a grand future.”

Happy New Year!


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