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Friday, March 1, 2013

Lifeplan Is Growing in Snowmass, Colorado!

Snowmass Chapel in Colorado has implemented Lifeplan! Charla Belinski is Director, Children, Youth and Families at Snowmass Chapel. She had Kara and Adam Gilbert facilitate the program with 7th and 8th graders.

Snowmass Chapel is a non-denominational church in Snowmass. Charala wanted to use Lifeplan as an outreach from the community because it teaches values, handling obstacles in life and growing dreams.

To date, Snowmass Chapel has run two Lifeplan programs, one for 7th and 8th graders and one for high school age kids. All of them were members of the church's youth group.

The kids went through the program over Spring Break. Parents were emailed every night, "Here's what we did today, this is what we'll do tomorrow, here is the assignment if you choose to complete it together with your children."

The values piece really hit home with the kids, realizing the challenge to define their own values and who they really were. Kara and Adam had the parents choose their own values without knowing the ones their kids had picked. "It was uncanny how similar they came out when the kids compared their values with their parents. It reaffirmed that the values the parents held were being passed down to their children."

The Lifeplan Map was a big hit with the kids. Kara and Adam shared, "Anything that the kids can see and put their hands on, they are immediately enveloped by it."

Being able to share their story with others was important to the participants. "Everybody was able to get on the same page. It was a judgment -free zone. They all developed empathy and understanding for each other."

Identifying strengths was very powerful. "We had parents write the kids a letter and outline the top ten strengths they saw in their children."

All in all, Kara and Adam are integrating Lifeplan into the comprehensive, values-based leadership curriculum and are excited to continue this exciting journey with their young people at Snowmass Chapel and continue the growing story of Lifeplan as a valuable asset for young people to dream, believe and succeed!

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