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Monday, April 1, 2013

Our Dreams and Commitments

As the wonder of spring unfolds, I am always in awe of the secrets nature expresses if we are paying attention. One is surely nature's commitment to the seasons and the story each one has.

My wife, Kate, tells a wonderful story about commitment. She tells of the chicken and pig walking down the country road when they come to a spot that has this huge billboard advertising Mable's Diner showing a big plate of bacon, sausage and eggs. The chicken points out with pride to the pig, "Look at that, Pig, we are up there in lights." The pig, a bit chagrined says to the chicken, "It's fine for you, Chicken, you merely participate, but for me it's total commitment."

One of the 8th graders in Lifeplan recently shared their take on commitment when they reflected on Nathaniel Hawthorne's notion that commitment is a butterfly willing to give up being a caterpillar.

A wonderful part of the Lifeplan program is engaging in the conversation of what holds meaning for each of us, what are our dreams and what are we really committed to.

Some of the thoughts young people going through Lifeplan have expressed on the subject of commitment include: that the quality of your life is best reflected by the commitment you have made to something or someone. Commitment is what brings meaning to our lives. The absence of commitment is fear. Unless you make a commitment, you have only promise but no plan. Finally, one of my favorites out of the mouth of such a young person, "Life seems to give up some of its secrets to those who take a leap of faith and make a commitment to something."

So it is in this wonderful Lifeplan process that such rich discussions occur, and I always urge the students to take the conversation home and continue it with Mom and Dad. I invite them to explore with their parents what their dreams were and are, what was the first commitment they can remember and what secrets did they learn in the process.

Perhaps Shakespeare said it best, "April hath put a spirit of youth in everything". So let us all commit to this spring with unbridled enthusiasm and share with one another our dreams and commitments.

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