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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Athlete Credits Lifeplan for Jump Start on Career

Arizona based Ninjas Ryan Hoskins and Christina Gartelos have taken a number of young people through the Lifeplan program and they recently shared a wonderful story about a young man who went through the program there.

This young man's name is Austin. He always had a goal of becoming a professional baseball player. However, when he was younger he didn't have the focus or drive to turn his goals into reality.

After he experienced Lifeplan, Austin became more focused and started to understand the connection between setting good goals, putting plans in place for getting there, and putting in the work to make it happen.

Up until a year ago, Austin was getting interest from colleges, but all at the Division 3 level. By continuing to focus on his goals and plans, he developed his athletic potential to the point where he started getting serious interest from Division 1 schools. By this fall, his star had risen to the point where he was offered a roster spot with the reigning college World Series champion Wildcats from the University of Arizona. Additionally, he has 6 Major League teams tracking his progress, with the real possibility he will be drafted in this June's professional baseball amateur draft.

Austin credits Lifeplan with helping him jump start his baseball career. He now sees the connection between lofty goals (and dreams) and putting in the hard work to achieve them. He has adopted a motto painted on the wall of the University of Arizona weight room that reads, "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."

Since that time, Austin and his dad Paul presented Lifeplan to their church youth counselor who has now introduced the program to St. Patrick's Catholic Community Church in Scottsdale.

So with another real life story of someone prospering from Lifeplan, I remain eager to work hard to grow this opportunity for every young person in America. I am also going to follow this June's draft in hopes of seeing Austin chosen by some lucky Major League team. They won't be getting just a gifted athlete but someone who can be a beacon to young people wanting to believe they can dream a dream and achieve it. With a Lifeplan it is far more likely that they CAN!

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