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Friday, August 30, 2013

Hawaii Leads the Way

This past July, the 4th Annual Lifeplan Youth Summit was convened at the Four Seasons Hotel at Hualalai on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The Big Island is the youngest land mass in the world, is home to all but two of the nine climates of the world, and exemplifies in all its beauty the awe inspiring reference of Paradise. A local Kahu (minister) reminds us that as the youngest landmass, God saved the best for last.

This extraordinary environment is however, not immune to the social epidemics plaguing young people everywhere. When we implemented Lifeplan there four years ago, it was received with considerable enthusiasm.

Now, more than 1,000 young people have gone through Lifeplan and at this year's Summit we celebrated the first group to go through Lifeplan. They are now seniors and are mentoring freshman through the program.

With the guidance from an inspired leadership team, Lifeplan continues to grow and blossom each day. Mentors have been recruited to support the young people in Lifeplan. The Four Seasons has opened its doors to these young people for internships in the hospitality world. Hualalai Resorts has done the same.

So while this is the youngest land mass in the world, it is the oldest and most mature venue we have leading the way for Lifeplan and all its potential!

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