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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

First Tee of San Francisco Launches Lifeplan

Judith Powell, Executive Director of First Tee San Francisco, was keen on having her staff pioneer the Lifeplan program this past summer. This led to having Taylor White, Director of Education, and his staff go through the Lifeplan training last spring.

Our own Michelle Idell Drake volunteered this summer to help with this work and as Taylor White reported to me, "The kids LOVED IT!"

Some of the illustrative comments from the kids included Jeremy, 16: "Lifeplan was really fun and meaningful. We were able to feel comfortable with one another and that helped all of us opening up about things that we wouldn't usually talk about."

Brenden, 14: "It's important to have a direction for your life. Lifeplan helped all of us work out what that might be."

Justin, 14: "The values cards were really cool. It was hard to pick which values were most important to me, but it helped me realize what are the things that are most important in my life."

I am so excited by First Tee San Francisco integrating Lifeplan into their character development work. First, I love First Tee and the work they do to support young people at 127 chapters across the country. Second, I love golf! By using the magnet of learning golf, First Tee will be successful in achieving their goal of reaching 10 million young people over the next decade and supplying them with potent character development tools like Lifeplan.

Given the success the San Francisco First Tee had with Lifeplan this summer, it is my hope that they will share this experience with their colleagues at the other 126 chapters who will consider using the Lifeplan program as well.

Madison, 13, said it best: "Working with our Lifeplan coach and all the other kids to talk about anything we wanted in a comfortable and trusting environment was really great."

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