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Monday, November 11, 2013

A Thanksgiving “Thank You”!

Given that it is November and Thanksgiving is just ahead, I have some thanks to shout out to all those Lifeplan Ninjas around the country who are making it possible for thousands of young people to grow their own personal Lifeplan.

First, to Jim and Lee Kooler who have nurtured this work from day one! To John and Ryan Hoskins for helping pioneer this work and grow the opportunity in their backyard of Scottsdale.

A huge thanks to Jim’s team, including Debbie Whitted and all the others that keep these activities coherent. And to our great webmaster, Julie Wolpers, for her daily commitment to this work!

To Cindy Charlton for her tireless efforts from the beginning and Alan Spector, who have been a force in St. Louis. Alan recently journeyed to Hawaii and met with one of Hawaii’s Lifeplan pioneers, Kei-lin Cerf. Hawaii continues to be the largest deployment of Lifeplan and student led innovations there, continue to inform us all of the opportunities Lifeplan presents to young people.

To Susan Roach for supporting the work at Snowmass Chapel and now the Aspen Middle School. To John Livingston for the work in Toledo and his courage to grow Lifeplan statewide in Ohio.

To Judith Powell, Taylor White and the whole team at San Francisco First Tee. Judith is now helping us expand this partnership with other First Tee Chapters.

To Nancy Cowlishaw, who pioneered Lifeplan in McKinney, Texas and is now expanding to more schools.

And for our first global deployment, our own Cindy Domanowski is off with her team to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania to develop mentoring and Lifeplan opportunities for the orphanage right there at the foot of the snow capped mountain.

To Mary Jane Burke and all those in the Marin County Schools and Juvenile Hall who have adopted Lifeplan to help some of our most challenged young people.

To Katie Simmons in Seattle, Michelle Drake in Marin and scores of others like them who are right now working to grow Lifeplan opportunities for young people across the country.

To our friends and partners at the National Football Foundation and the Positive Coaching Alliance for growing the Lifeplan opportunity for all the young people they work with.

A special thanks to Governor Pete Wilson for his loving support and work this past year to help grow the Lifeplan Program. And to George Lee for his timely and long lasting efforts on our behalf. And much love and appreciation to Bobby and Andrea McTamaney .

As always, thanks to Bill Price, Evelyn Freed, Doug Pratt and the Foundation’s trustees for always being there and helping explore ways to meet the challenges we face every day.

Finally, to a new partner in all this work, Catherine Billon of New York. After a brilliant career in the media world she has joined the Lifeplan team with the focused intent to grow the Lifeplan program for every young person in the country who wants one. A huge welcome to you, Catherine.

And a huge thank you to all of you who take the time with young people to help them think about their dreams and help them succeed in achieving them. Happy Thanksgiving!

All the best,


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