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Friday, November 1, 2013

Jonna Brown Leads the Indelible Mark Foundation

Jonna Brown has an important position at Goldman Sachs. She spends the bulk of her day laboring in the trenches of the world of finance; this is the work that challenges her considerable intellectual wattage.

But other work that satisfies her heart is mentoring young women from her church. Jonna has a unique approach to her mentoring efforts. She uses travel to facilitate her work with these young women. It is a three-year cycle. The first year they travel locally and begin to expand their horizons and absorb some life lessons. The second year they expand their excursions to the nation and in year three they make a "vision quest" journey to South Africa.

Jonna is a new Lifeplan Ninja and will be using Lifeplan in the third year to galvanize all the teachable moments from the three years of travel and mentoring into a life enhancing Lifeplan.

Jonna exemplifies the heroic nature of so many who are not waiting for someone else to fix things; rather, they are simply stepping up and doing what they can in real time with real kids. As the new school year unfolds, I am again reminded by Jonna's work that every young person is one inspiring mentor away from thriving.

As we approach Thanksgiving, I give a huge thanks to the Jonna's of the world. Remember, the Greatest Gift of All is giving your time to a young person.

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