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Monday, December 9, 2013

I Count My Blessings Every Day!

I am always moved by the generous spirit of people toward others and no one I know is better at it than my wife, Kate.

She has devoted her life to helping grow incredible young people. She founded Mount Tamalpais School 38 years ago and has seen close to 1,000 spectacular young people graduate during that time.

Kate has created an extraordinary community steeped in core values, selfless in support of every family and child and a beacon to the highest standards of education.

Her devotion to growing thoughtful, caring and committed young people is ever present. She has a gift of recognizing in every one of her students, something special and always lets them know it from the very beginning.

At this time of year, I am always reminded of the "gifts" Kate has shared with her students for the past 50 years. I want to share them with you here. They are:

  • Be thoughtful.
  • Be honest.
  • Care about others.
  • Be connected to family and community.
  • Save a little each month.
  • Be generous with your positive spirit.
  • Make a difference-and believe you can make a difference.
  • Learn from the speed bumps.

I count my blessings every day for the chance to navigate this journey with Kate.

Happy Holidays and remember the greatest gift of all is the time we have with our loved ones.



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