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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lifeplan's First Global Deployment

Lifeplan Ninja Cindy Domanowski and team sharing the
Lifeplan program with youth in Tanzania. 

Cindy Domanowski is one of Lifeplan’s Ninja Heroes! She recently led a team of four to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, to work with an orphanage there in deploying the Lifeplan program.

Cindy is one of Lifeplan’s pioneering Ninjas and has supported efforts here in the U.S., to grow Lifeplan opportunities for young people. So, when we were invited by Theresa Grant, founder of the “Make A Difference” Youth Program in Tanzania I put out a call nationwide to see if there was a Master Ninja up for this call to action.

It was the same day that Cindy came back and said “I’m in!” She developed a wonderful online relationship with Theresa and assembled a world class team for this exciting adventure to Tanzania.

Upon arrival, Cindy sent notes home. She described the kids as incredibly intelligent and full of life. She went on to talk about how eager they were to “grow their Lifeplans” and were always in their seats, attentive, quiet and ready to learn.

Cindy loved sharing how the kids taught her and the team about Kilimanjaro. They would tell her that Kili (Kilimanjaro) is shy; often hiding behind the clouds, yet when the clouds clear and she shows her majesty, it is breathtaking. The kids could often be heard in an animated voice saying “ Kili has awakened!”

I know this was a life (plan) affirming experience for Cindy and her team! These are the experiences that teach us just how small the world really is and that we really can make a difference, one child at a time.

While we all dream of a future where every child has access to growing their own Lifeplan, I am reminded by this story just how much we are touched by the opportunity to help grow healthy and capable young people.

On behalf of all of us, thank you Cindy and your team, for your heroic work and selfless devotion to growing the Lifeplan story.

All the best,


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