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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Global Deployment of Lifeplan

Lifeplan Ninja Cindy Domanowski and team
sharing the Lifeplan program with youth in Tanzania.

It started so simply: An email from the founder of an orphanage in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania inquiring if we could help her by developing the Lifeplan program there for the young people in her orphanage.

So our own Master Lifeplan Ninja, Cindy Domanowski, assembles a team and heads to Tanzania to do the training and launch the first global deployment of Lifeplan. The Kilimanjaro orphanage is part of a network of orphanages throughout Africa and India. Now the word is out and requests from other orphanages are coming in. Cindy is on top of this and will be leading all future efforts in Africa and India.

This is another example of just how small our world has become. The Internet and social media provide a vehicle for such immediate contact, communication and visibility of opportunities.

As we plan ahead you can think of intended consequences but it's the unintended ones that really demand our attention. In this case it is all so positive. As we grow the Lifeplan opportunity in every youth development environment possible, who would have thought that the world would come knocking?

Now we are faced with the trajectory of success we had not thought possible at this early point. As we discuss in Lifeplan, speed bumps occur and in this case a really positive one. We are hoping there may be a company out there that would want to co-brand with this work and are sharing our story as far and wide as possible. It's a compelling story and I can only hope and pray that someone responds to this call to action.

So, as Lifeplan transforms young people's lives, it is also transforming us and how we effectively respond to this growing opportunity. A wonderful emerging story within the story that I always enjoy sharing. Stay tuned.

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