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Friday, August 1, 2014

Summer's End and Anticipation of Fall

In my lifetime, summer has always offered so many warm memories. During high school I taught water skiing in the summers at Lake Arrowhead. As I got older, summer hosted wonderful traveling adventures all over the globe. And now, summer is spent in Hawaii reflecting on all the blessings in life and the growing Lifeplan opportunities for all of the kids here on the Big Island.

In this wintry season of my life, I try to instill some sense of the season's literacies for the young people going through Lifeplan. Understanding these rhythms is as important as emotional and financial literacy to a life well spent.

I have spent this summer working with others to grow the Lifeplan opportunity for as many young people as possible. Our most ambitious innovation to date will be the development and deployment of the Lifeplan Starter Kit.

The Starter Kit will be a self-contained package for parents, mentors, coaches and all those working with young people who want to help them grow an individual Lifeplan.

Root Learning in Ohio has been pivotal in helping us with this work. We view this asset as a way to "democratize" the Lifeplan experience. This fall thousands of young people will have access to this important experience. The Starter Kit will hopefully be a tool that will accelerate Lifeplan getting to millions of young people.

From day one I have always offered up an image asking one simple question, "What if every young person had a Lifeplan?" What if we celebrated every young person by asking them, "What are your dreams and aspirations?", and helping them grow their fluency in talking about who they are, what their dreams are, building a game plan to get there and recruiting a board of directors to help them succeed.

So, as summer draws to a close and fall arrives with school starting, I look forward with the abject enthusiasm of a rookie, to growing this opportunity for everyone possible and always asking, "What if every young person had a Lifeplan?"

Happy Summer's End and to a Great New Fall!

All the best,


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