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Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Vision Board for 2015

Wow! I just typed 2015 for the first time. In this season of my life, I just marvel at how fast time goes by. It makes me wonder if we could include "time literacy" in our Lifeplan program.

So what would "time literacy" be? First, I would think an appreciation of the moment. To be mindful of the present and nurturing the moment to be best prepared for the next. Time is the greatest gift of all. To waste it is an extravagant expense.

Life teaches us to make good use of time and time teaches us the value of life. So in Lifeplan, we help young people be clear on the value of time, to be purposeful, focused and well directed.

A good friend, Ann Marie Barnes, is gifted in helping people build their Vision Board. She has spent this past fall working with the 8th Grade Lifeplan class at MTS School, helping them build their Lifeplan Vision Boards.

The principles she shares to guide this process would be worthy of our consideration as we enter this New Year. What do we want this year? What are our dreams and aspirations?

Ann Marie shared with the class that "a Vision Board is a visual representation of how you want your life to be. Part of it is goal-setting, part visualization, and part focus." She also shared the principle of a "law of attraction" and the notion of a self-fulfilling prophecy by first setting a goal, taking action, and having faith!

She encouraged the students to build the boards, keep them visible, take a picture and use it as a screen saver. To see it is to believe it and the more you believe the more likely it can become a reality.

I have enormous faith in our young people. I believe the more we can help them build a Lifeplan that reflects their dreams and aspirations and then assemble a Vision Board to portray their Lifeplan, the more likely they will thrive in this challenging world.

Happy New Year!



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