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Monday, June 1, 2015

Vision Boards Enrich the Lifeplan Process

Graduation time is upon us. Students young and old have labored all year with their educational journey and many are now graduating! During this past year, students have experienced successes, speed bumps, life-changing events and small insights into the journey that is life.

This year, thousands of young people have participated in the Lifeplan program in 22 states and Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. I got to spend this year with a truly special 8th grade class, and, as I have shared with them, I think they enlightened me far more than I taught them.

This year's class was the first ever to do Vision Boards of their dreams and aspirations. Ann-Marie Barnes, gifted in the Vision Board process, helped this class understand, create and build remarkable boards.

At the end of the year, I always ask the students for feedback and what they would add to the Lifeplan program, because that's how it has grown over the past seven years, building on input from the kids themselves. It was their idea to add "time" and "relationships" to the list of literacies they grow. And it was this group as well who voted on their Vision Boards and Ann-Marie's work as their favorite part of this year. Heartfelt thanks from all of us to Ann-Marie for "hitting it out of the park." We look forward to having her continue this work with next year's 8th grade, the future Class of 2016.

These young people, along with thousands more across the country who have gone through the Lifeplan program, are now embarking on their life journeys with another remarkable asset, a Lifeplan! With a Lifeplan of their own, young people become fluent in expressing who they are, what their dreams are, how they are getting there and who is helping them by being on their Board of Directors. So we all go off this summer yet again with my personal dream of, "What would the world be like if every young person had a Lifeplan?"

Have a wonderful summer!

All the best,


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