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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Is a Month to Celebrate!

I always remember celebrating our country's birthday on July 4, usually at the beach. Growing up in Southern California, my dad felt it was the safest place for all of the fireworks.

Today, I still take great joy in celebrating July 4th, but my joy has grown deeper over the years. I served in Vietnam and was there on July 4, 1970. I also now have a niece and goddaughter who were born on July 4. Finally, Lifeplan made its inaugural debut in July 2007.

Lifeplan Hawaii will be celebrating its sixth birthday this July. Jim and Lee Kooler are returning again to support the annual leadership training co-hosted by the Hualalai Ohana Foundation and the Four Seasons Resort.

Lifeplan has grown a lot during the past eight years! I have heartfelt gratitude to those that have made this journey successful, including: Governor Pete Wilson, Evelyn Freed, Bill Price, George Lee, David and Dawn Zierk, Gerson and Barbara Bakar, Tad Taube, John Hoskins and Root Learning.

It is with much love and appreciation that I thank Jim and Lee Kooler who have carried the Lifeplan torch coast to coast!

Birthdays of any kind always remind me to embrace all we have with gratitude and I always love sharing my grandfather's loving quote at birthdays, "It's a time to forget the cares of the past -- enjoy and nurture the moment and thus be prepared for a grand future."

So, as we celebrate our country's birthday and other July birthdays as well, I will again make a birthday wish that every young person could have a Lifeplan.

Happy Birthday, USA, and Happy Fourth of July!



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