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Saturday, August 1, 2015

How Young People Are Influencing Lifeplan

Summer embraces the glorious nature of youthful activities with family and friends, traditions old and young and a spirit of hope for what the future holds. For young people, educators , parents and others, it is also the time to start thinking ( but not too much) about the start of the new school year.

The Lifeplan tribe across the country is preparing for another school year with new assets in our portfolio. Ann Marie Barns introduced the Vision Boards that we will now use each year. The students have also recommended we explore more literacies, including "time" and "relationships" literacy.

Lifeplan has grown a great deal from the input of young people. It was originally designed with enormous input from young people and has continued to grow with their thoughtful contributions.

I'm confident this is a core reason young people resonate so much with the Lifeplan program and the success they have had will likely insure this work continues. As I think about the coming year, I can't help but reflect on some of the more potent thoughts young people have shared in the Lifeplan process, including:

  • It was an early group who pointed out that is much more important to have real friends than things.
  • The kids always emphasize the importance of living your dreams and actually build an economic model to "do what you love so you can love what you do".
  • They always talk about having gratitude and reflect on the lifelong act of giving.
  • They are insightful to the fact that one's ego needs to kept in check so they don't get in their own way.  
  • These Lifeplan Jedi are very clear that they must be responsible for their own experiences (choices and decisions) and not be a victim.

Finally, as summer rushes to a warm and glowing conclusion, I want to share my favorite thought from a young woman in the Lifeplan class who is keen on the teachings of Buddha. She shared with us one of his thoughts that entreats us to remember on this journey to "love much, walk gently on this earth and leave it better for having been here".

Enjoy the rest of summer and be ready for a great new school year!


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