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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Wonder and Expectation of Fall and a New School Year

The summer offered time to train new mentors, coaches, teachers, parents and youth development professionals in the use of the Lifeplan program.

Now, as the new school year commences, we all share the joy of connecting with new young people and their exuberance for the daily adventure of youth.

How exciting for the Lifeplan team, engaging thousands of young people in the exciting journey through Lifeplan. As the kids discover, it's a journey of choices, decisions and consequences.

It is absolutely one of my favorite things on earth to share the Lifeplan journey with these young people each year. To watch the eyes of awareness open when they choose their top three values, or begin to articulate their dreams and aspirations.

Then the spurts of growth, awareness and maturity begin to show themselves as the kids work hard to build a game plan to realize their dreams. Identifying SMART Goals and recruiting a Board of Directors who will be devoted to helping them succeed.

But each year I marvel at that one galvanizing "Aha! moment" and that occurs when they do the AIM module (acknowledge, Identify, and morph), and discover their inner 'self talk.'
It is during this exercise, that they acknowledge to one another that they all have this chatter going on in their heads. They also give up that much of this chatter is negative. So here comes the "Aha!" In one fell swoop, they are told they can morph all this negative chatter into positive self-talk!

Everyone who has gone through Lifeplan acknowledges that this is an extraordinary gift. They understand that their success will start with the attitude they bring to life. They also learn that a positive attitude is much like a muscle; it will get stronger with exercise. It is special to see how much they achieve with this in just one year of navigating through Lifeplan.

To an exciting Fall and to all the joy and optimism it holds.

All the best,

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