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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Thanks to those who have made Lifeplan possible

As we enter the month of November I'm reminded that it's a good time to remember all that we are grateful for. This November, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all those that have made the development of Lifeplan possible.

Jim and Lee Kooler lead the list. They have worked tirelessly crisscrossing the country helping youth organizations and schools deploy Lifeplan. I will always love and appreciate the support that Governor Pete Wilson has given along with Evelyn Freed, Bill Price and George Lee. Jack Flanigan, Doug Pratt and John Hoskins continue to provide invaluable support, and Dr. Kooler's incredible team that manages the many details help make this all work.

As I write this I'm thrilled to share a new initiative that Cindy Domanowski is leading to deploy Lifeplan in Central America. She will be translating the Lifeplan materials into Spanish and working in Nicaragua.

As you might recall, Cindy led the team that deployed Lifeplan in Tanzania two years ago, and here she goes again. Thank you, Cindy, for being our global ambassador!

As I work with my 8th grade class this year, I am in awe of their comittment to build their own Lifeplans and be open to animated conversations with their classmates about their values, dreams, and goals, and the people they want on their board of directors. This year's class will also be the first to mine some insights to the world of financial literacy, time literacy, health and nutrition, relationships, geo-political lliteracy, problem solving, and the meaning of celebrations.

I am so grateful to have this time with extraordinary young people who teach me every day that the world is in good hands and they will leave this place better for having been here.

Have a wonderful November and Thanksgiving!


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