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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My holiday wish: A Lifeplan for every young person

What a joyful time of year. Despite the challenges we face in the world today, we need to seize those ritualistic moments in the year that give pause to reflect on the immediate things in our lives that are really important: Loved ones, family, friends and purpose.

When I wrote the Lifeplan book 10 years ago, I never imagined it would grow into such a potent platform for young people to explore their dreams, set goals and build a road map to achieve their dreams.

Now, Lifeplan has also become a vehicle for young people to build relevant literacies, including financial literacy, health and nutritional literacy, time literacy and this year, we will explore the symbolic and emotional aspects of holidays.

I have always loved observing how people seize the moment on holidays to express thanks, appreciation, hope and compassion. How do we grow those expressions and sustain the potency of the very best of our humanity? I am looking forward to learning from these young Lifeplan participants, always remembering that some of the best insights come from the "mouths of our young wunderkinds."

So at this emotional time of year I wish to express my gratitude to all of you for all your efforts to leave this world better for having been here. We can reflect on Buddha's invitation to "love much, walk gently and leave it better for having been here."

Now in its 10th year, Lifeplan has become a valuable asset to support young people in expressing who they are, what they value, what their dreams and aspirations are, and how they will achieve them.

Once these young people get their arms around this work, there is no going back. An occasional remark from the students is that I have ruined their lives, to which I ask, how? And they respond, "Now we have to think about things," which I gently point out might be better than "winging it"!

I hope you all have a loving holiday season and I wish for a few things: Peace in the world, compassion for all of humanity, and my final wish is that every young person in the world can have a Lifeplan.

All the best,


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