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Monday, February 1, 2016

The Loving Nature of February

It’s hard not to start February without thinking about Valentine’s Day. I’m using this opportunity to invite the young people going through Lifeplan to share their views on this day, steeped in a rich history.

Beyond the romantic heritage of Valentine’s Day , is the opportunity to share and express feelings to others in a thoughtful way.

I have always loved the idea of “Mahalo Days” when we share our gratitude to those who have done something important for us.

In Lifeplan we explore the meaning and opportunity of networking. Lifeplan invites young people to build a Board of Directors and the kids learn how to ask someone to be on their board, what they expect of the board member (mentor) and what they commit to in keeping the board member current on their work toward realizing their “dream”.

Lifeplan teaches these young people at a young age how to network, nurture their network and grow it over the years to help realize their dream.

Have a great February and let those you care about know it!


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